«RADIOLOGY IN UKRAINE -2016» PROGRAM IV OF THE NATIONAL CONGRESS WITH INTERNATIONAL ENGAGEMENT   March 23, Wednesday Lounge No.1 (Assembly hall)   9.30-10.10      Forum opening Greetings for the Ministry of Healthcare, National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, European Society for Radiologists, guests of the Congress Musical greetings for the Congress participants  



Ukrainian radiologists meet European Society for Radiology


10.10-16.35    Plenary meeting

Chairpersons: Rogozhyn V.О., Dykan І.M., Yalynska Т.А., Sharmazanova О.P.,


10.10-10.40  Ukrainian radiology in the European world

Rogozhyn V.О., Kyiv, Ukraine

10.40-11.20  Advanced imaging techniques in Neuroradiology: When and Why?

Cem Cali, Ізмір, Туреччина

11.20-12.00  Imaging of the gallbladder and biliary system

Sukru Mehmet Erturk, Стамбул, Туреччина


12.00-12.30    Coffee-break


12.30-13.00  Innovative technologies in radiomammology

Rakhimzhanova R.I., Astana, Kazakhstan

13.00-13.40  Intramedullary - Extramedullary tumors of the spinal cord

Cem Cali, Ізмір, Туреччина

13.40-14.00  Використання віддалених серверів для зберігання діагностичної інформації та телерадіології

Kovalenko Y.M., Балашов С.В., Київ, Україна


14.00-15.00    Lunch


15.00-15.40 Brachial plexus MR: basic anatomy and pathology

Joanna Niemunis-Sawicka, Gdansk, Poland

15.40-16.20 MRI in diagnosis of myocarditis

Ružica Maksimovic, Belgrade, Serbia

16.20-16.35 Experience of substitution of fluorography for digital screening X-ray radiography

Dynga V.P., Lupu Ye., Dynga К. Kishinev, Moldova


16.35-16.50 Break


16.50-17.20 Council of the ARU and Plenary meeting of All-Ukrainian Association of Radiologists

17.20-18.00 “Education in radiology” Round table

Chairpersons: Babkina Т.М., Mechev D.S., Tkachenko М.М., Sharmazanova О.P.


19.00 – friendly dinner









March 24, Thursday


LOUNGE No. 1 (Assembly hall)

09.30-11.30 Abdominal radiology

Chairpersons: Dynnyk О.B., Bortnyi М.О., Hordienko К.P.

9.30-10.00  Advanced imaging of the bowel

Sukru Mehmed Erturk, Istanbul, Turkey

10.00-10.20 Abdominal computer tomography. Importance of contrast intensifying

Deresh N.V., Ternopil, Ukraine

10.20-10.40 Diagnostic value of stomach cancer ultrasound diagnosis

Abdulaev R.Ya., Kharkiv, Ukraine

10.40-11.00 Capabilities of computer tomography in stomach pathology diagnosis

Takha Mario, Odesa, Ukraine

11.00-11.20  Multidetection tomography in acute gastrointestinal bleeding diagnosis

Mangov А.V., Kharkiv, Ukraine

11.20-11.30  Speech discussion


11.30-12.00 Coffee-break



12.00-13.00    Neuroradiology

Chairpersons: Myronyak L.А., Mangov А.V.   

12.00-12.30 Postoperative imaging in brain tumors.

Cem Cali, Izmir, Turkey

12.30-12.55 Why do we need Gadolinium in Neuroimaging? Case based discussion.

Cem Cali, Izmir, Turkey

12.55-13.00 Speech discussion


13.00-14.00 Skeletomuscular radiology

Chairpersons: Sharmazanova О.P., Lysenko N.S.

13.00-13.30 Acquired deformity of foot. Are high heels a terrible evil?

Joanna Niemunis-Sawicka, Gdansk, Poland

13.30-14.00 MRI in knee trauma

Ružica Maksimovic, Belgrade, Serbia


14.00-15.00 Lunch


15.00-16.30 Skeletomuscular radiology

Chairpersons: Sharmazanova О.P., Lysenko N.S.

15.00-15.30 Radiodiagnosis of wrist joint instability

Sharmazanova О.P., Kharkiv, Ukraine

15.30-16.00 Radiodiagnosis of rare skeletal dysplasia  

Lysenko N.S., Sharmazanova О.P., Kharkiv, Ukraine

16.00-16.10 Change definition of bone mineral density using multi-detector computed tomographic

at chronic arterial insufficiency of lower extremities

Matskevych V.М., Dudiy P.F., Ryzhyk V.М., Sokolovskyi І. М., Rabiy S.А., Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

16.10-16.20 Primary diagnosis of cervical spine ligament instability in children

Urina L.К., М.А. Urina, Kyiv, Ukraine

16.20-16.30  Diagnostic value of bone scan and radiography in Legg’s disease patients at hip


Tkachenko М.М., Korol P.О., Kyiv, Ukraine


16.30-16.40    Break


16.40-18.10    Abdominal radiology

Chairpersons: Dynnyk О.B., Bortnyi М.О., Hordienko К.P.

16.40-17.00    Computer tomography in acute mesenteric thrombosis diagnosis

Deresh N.V., Ternopil, Takha Mario, Odesa, Ukraine

17.00-17.15    Radiological steatometry at hepatic diffuse lesion

Fedusenko О.А., Dynnyk О.B., Kobylyak N.N., Zhaivoronok М.N. Kyiv, Ukraine

17.15-17.25    Radiodiagnosis modern facilities for secondary hepatic affections

Babkina Т.М., Spizhenko N.Yu.,  Dzygar О.V., Kyiv, Ukraine

17.25.-17.40   US monitoring characteristic features when carrying out organ preserving surgery at uncomplicated cholecystolithiasis

                        Babiy О.М., Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

17.40-17.50    Clinical thinking in ultrasonic diagnosis

Haida І.Ye., Lviv, Ukraine

17.50-18.00    Ultrasound capabilities in proctology

Chemerys О.А., Lviv, Ukraine


18.00-18.10 Speech discussion


LOUNGE No. 2 (room of Academic Board)


9.30-18.10      Radiology in oncology

Chairpesons: Dykan І.М., Kolesnyk О.О., Adamkalieva А.М.

9.30-9.50        Task for modern oncoradiology as integral part of domestic oncological practice

Kolesnyk О.О., Kyiv, Ukraine

9.50-10.10      Innovative diagnosis and treatment orientation in nuclear medicine

Sukach H.H., Solodyannykova О.І., Tratsevskyi V.V., Kyiv, Ukraine

10.10-10.30    New approaches to planning and radiation therapy of malignant tumors

Ivankova V.S., Skomorokhova Т.V., Stolyarova О.Yu., Kyiv, Ukraine

10.30-11.00    Efficacy evaluation for breast cancer screening in Astana

Adamkalieva А. М., Astana, Kazakhstan

11.00-11.20    Modern  capabilities for radiodiagnosis of malignant hepatic tumors

Lavryk H.V., Kyiv, Ukraine

11.20-11.30    Speech discussion


11.30-12.00 Coffee-break


Chairpesons: Holovko Т.S., Ivankova V.S.

12.00-12.20    Data integration of SPECT-imaging, MRI and CT investigations in cerebral tumor diagnostics

Koval S.S., Makeev S.S., Rozumenko V.D., Rozumenko А.V., Novikova Т.H., Kyiv,


12.20-12.40    Differential diagnostics of radial radionecrosis and recurrent cerebral tumor after radiosurgical interferences

Hryazov А.B., Kyiv, Ukraine

12.40-13.00    Modern radiodiagnosis strategy for breast cancer

Holovko Т.S., Kyiv, Ukraine

13.00-13.10    Modern nodal mastopathy radiodiagnosis

Krakhmalyova А.S., Holovko Т.S., Krakhmalyova L.P., Kyiv, Ukraine

13.10-13.20    Comprehensive radioendoscopic diagnosis of intraductal breast growths

Bilonenko H.А., Aksyonov О.А., Aksyonova О.H. Kyiv-Donetsk, Ukraine

13.20-13.30    Detection of sentinel lymph nodes at cutaneous melanoma

Sukach H.H., Solodyannykova О.І., Tratsevskyi V.V. Kyiv, Ukraine

13.30-13.40    Role of HDR brachytherapy in treatment of squamous cell labial carcinoma

Horot І.V., Kozak О.V., Tkachenko М.М., Remennyk О.І. Kyiv, Ukraine

13.40-13.50    Comparative analysis of treatment short-term results for osseal metastases using

153Sm, 89Sr, 32P

Danylenko V.V., Solodyannykova О.I., Sahan D.L., Sukach H.H, Kyiv, Ukraine

13.30-13.40    The efficacy of the medicine 153Sm at multifocal cutaneous dissemination in patients with breast and prostate carcinoma

Firsova М.М., Polyakova N.І., Kashchenko О.V. Kyiv, Ukraine

13.50-14.00  Speech discussion


14.00-15.00    Lunch


Chairpesons: Mechev D.S.,Solodyannykova О.І.

15.00-15.10    Roentgen-endovascular technique in treatment of locally advanced breast cancer

Suprunenko А.А., Smolanka І.І., Solodyannykova О.І., Kyiv, Ukraine

15.10-15.20    Role of PET-CT in studying of malignant tumors of orofacial localization

Novikov М.Ye., Babkina Т.М. Kyiv, Ukraine

15.20-15.30    Modern radiotherapy of patients with locally advanced forms of malignant tumors of upper air passages

Ivankova V.S., Skomorokhova Т.V., Dotsenko N.P., Perepechkina V.Т., Makarenko

А.А., Halyas H.V., Kyiv

15.30-15.40    Embodiment of tomotherapy into practice of treatment of oncologic patients

Odarchenko S.P., Seryogina N.М., Zynvalyuk А.V Kirovohrad, Ukraine

15.40-15.50    Determination of tumor macroscopic volume at planning of radiotherapy of head and neck tumor  

Musaeva К.О., Kmetyuk Ya.V., Solodyannykova О.І.,Silaeva О.S., Kyiv, Ukraine

15.50-16.00    Radiotherapy in comprehensive treatment of malignant cerebral tumors in children

Mechev D.S.,Ivchuk V.P., Sokolovska М.V., Yefremova N.А., Hovorukha Т.N.,  

Kyiv, Ukraine

16.00-16.10    Echocardiography options in oncology

Shevchuk L.А., Solodyannykova О.І., Holovko Т.S. Kyiv, Ukraine

16.10-16.20    Special features of functional renal status depending on tumor localization

Noverko І.V., Kundina V.V. Kyiv, Ukraine

16.20-16.30    Incident tumors: Risk strategy

Dykan І.М., Stepanenko N.О., Kyiv, Ukraine


16.30-16.40 Break


Chairpersons: Dykan І.М., Solodyannykova О.І., Ivankova V.S., Holovko Т.S.

16.40-16.50    Multidetector CT perfusion in differential diagnosis of pancreatic tumor

Hordienko К.P., Dykan І.М., Kyiv, Ukraine

16.50-17.00    Application features of 18-FDG PET-CT for recurrence search, studying at the stage of radiotherapy planning and its efficacy control in patients with anorectal tumors

Ashymkhin А.V., Solodyannykova О.I., Kmetyuk Ya.V., Kyiv, Ukraine

17.00-17.10    Diagnosis radiological methods in determination of narrowing amount of large bowel left part at infiltrating cancer type

Serheev D.V., Voronzhev I.А., Kramnoi I.Ye., Kolomyichenko Yu.А.,

Bobkova I.L., Kharkiv, Ukraine

17.10-17.20    Comprehensive radiology using Elastography for tumor process assessment in patients with cervical cancer

Bakai О.О., Kyiv, Ukraine

17.20-17.30    Own user experience of high energy brachytherapy at cervical cancer

Kovalchuk V.М., Burak О.V., Ivankova V.S., Kyiv, Ukraine

17.30-17.40    Color sonoelastography method potential in prostate cancer diagnosis

Korobko V.F., Hlobenko Т.А., Kovalenko А.V., Kyiv, Ukraine

17.40-17.50    Radiation dose evaluation for pelvic organs when using modern distant radiotherapy methods at prostate cancer radiotreatment

Safronova О. V., Udatova Т. V.,  Kmetyuk Ya. V., Mechev D. S., Hovorukha Т. М.

Kyiv, Ukraine

17.50-18.00    Determination of aggressive tumor potential as a prognosis factor at cervical cancer chemoradiotherapy

Ivankova V.S., Nesterenko Т.М., Baranovska L.М., Khrulenko Т.V., Otroshchenko

І.P., Ivankova І.М., Kyiv

18.00-18.10    Prophylaxis and treatment of radial complications at modern cervical cancer radiotherapy

Khrulenko Т.V., Ivankova V.S., Nesterenko Т.М., Baranovska L.М., Skoromokhova

Т.V., Horelina H.L., Mahdych І.P., Kyiv


LOUNGE No. 3 (auditory No. 3)


9.30-11.30      Medical physics and biomedical engineering

Chairpersons: Kovalenko О.S., Miroshnychenko S.І., Kovalenko Yu.М.

9.30-9.45        New possibilities for  roentgenoscopy, tomography and tomosynthesis realization

Miroshnychenko S.І., Kyiv, Ukraine

9.45-10.00      Modern possibilities of ultrasound diagnosis

Dynnyk О.B., Kyiv, Ukraine

10.00-10.15    New technologies in nuclear medicine: organization and clinical aspects

Shcherbyna О.V., Kmetyuk Ya.V. Kyiv, Ukraine

10.15-10.40    Use efficiency of different MR-sequences and MR-spectroscopy in cerebral pathology diagnosis

Hrabovetskyi S.А., Kyiv, Ukraine

10.40-10.50    Modernization of X-ray equipment as example of effective use of funds for renewal of radiodiagnosis material and technical facilities

Balashov S.V., Kovalenko Yu.М., Miroshnychenko S.І., Kyiv, Ukraine

10.50-11.00    Controlled precompression in assessing the stiffness of  the breast glandular tissue

                        Korychynskiy O. M.

11.00-11.10    Quality control arrangement of ultrasound examinations

Hayda І.Ye., Lviv, Ukraine

11.10-11.20    Representation of X-ray pictures in anatomical colors

Kulich Ye.V., Aslamova L.І., Miroshnychenko S.І., Miroshnychenko N.S.,

Melenevska N.V., Kyiv, Ukraine

11.20-11.30    Alternative medical technology adoption in Ukraine

Aslamova L.І., Kulich Ye.V., Melenevska N.V. Kyiv, Ukraine


11.30-12.00    Coffee-break


12.00-14.00    Quality assurance and radiation safety in radiology

Chairpersons: Stadnyk L.L., Aslamova L.І., Kovalenko Yu.М.

12.00-12.20    Quality control system in projection radiodiagnosis and its introduction possibility into clinical practice of Ukraine

Stadnyk L.L., Nosyk О.V., Shalyopa О.Yu. Kharkiv, Ukraine

12.20-12.40    Real option of radiation safety enhancement in conditions of funds shortage

Kovalenko Yu.М., Miroshnychenko S.І., Kyiv, Ukraine

12.40-13.00    Dose estimate for patients at fluoroscopic examinations and ways to reduce them

Stadnyk L.L., Nosyk О.V.,  Shalyopa О.Yu. Kharkiv, Ukraine

13.00-13.15    Experience of radiation exposure decrease at pulmonary computer tomography in pediatric practice

Nosov А.О., Kyiv, Ukraine

13.15-13.30    Methodological approaches to diagnostic recommended leveling at mammographic examinations

Stadnyk L.L., Nosyk О.V., Shalyopa О.Yu. Kharkiv, Ukraine

13.30-13.45    Reduction opportunities for radiation exposure upon patients in computer tomography

Mangov А.V., Kharkiv, Ukraine

13.45-14.00    Radiological departments under medicine reform in Ukraine

                        Kulikova F.Y., V.І. Umanov, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine


14.00-15.00    Lunch


15.00-16.30    Neuroradiology (continuation)

Chairpersons: Myronyak L. А., Mangov А.V.

15.00-15.10    Multispiral computed tomography and Multispiral computed tomography angiography in cause identification of non-traumatic subarachnoidal bleeding

Harmatina О.Yu., О.P. Robak, Kyiv, Ukraine

15.10-15.20    Multispiral computed tomography in complication identification after surgical treatment in children

Hetman О.M., О.P. Robak, К.О. Robak, О.Yu. Harmatina, S.V. Makhovskyi

Kyiv, Ukraine

15.20-15.30    Role of magnetic resonance imaging in cholestate diagnosis

Melekh B.Ya., Komnatska І.М., Dutka І.Yu., Lozynskyi R.М., Popchuk N.М.,

Bihun М.V., Lviv, Ukraine

15.30-15.40    Multispiral computed tomography in examination algorithm at severe craniocerebral injury

Robak О.P., Harmatina О.Yu., Tsvihun H.V., Krasylnikov R.H., Alekseeva N.B.

Kyiv, Ukraine

15.40-15.50    Visualization of normal MR-anatomy of corticospinal tract using MR-tractography method

Robak К.О., Chuvashova О.Yu., Kyiv, Ukraine

15.50-16.00    Neurovisualization in tumor diagnostics of III cerebral sinus region

Yakovenko І.L,. Robak О.P., Robak К.О., Hetman О.М., Harmatina О.Yu.,

Vakaryuk V.Ye. Kyiv, Ukraine

16.00-16.30    Speech discussion


March 25, Friday


LOUNGE No. 1 (Assembly hall)


09.30-13.00    Head and neck

Chaipersons: Babkina Т.М., Dudiy P.F., Skorokhoda H.О.

9.30-9.50        Modern aspects of radiodiagnosis at traumatic injuries of maxillofacial area

Babkina Т.М., Kyiv, Ukraine

9.50-10.10      Radiodiagnosis and radiation therapy of vestibular Schwann cell tumors

Zemskova О.М., Kyiv, Ukraine

10.10-10.30    Ultrasound scan of vertebral arteries at atherosclerosis

Nosenko N.М., Ukraine

10.30-10.50      Inflammatory and tumor conditions of temporal bone: performance capabilities of    modern radiological research methods

  Skorokhoda H.О., Kyiv, Ukraine

10.50-11.00  MSCT-perfusion efficacy in planning of revascularizing surgeries in patients with occlusal-stenotic pathology of cerebral arteries

                     Moroz V.V., Skorokhoda І.І., Kyiv, Ukraine


11.00-11.30  Coffee-break


11.30-11.50  Skin ethanol destruction of high differentiated thyroid carcinoma metastases under ultrasound control. First experience.

Chyrkov Yu.Е., Kyiv, Ukraine

11.50-12.00    Options of anatomical structure of sinus-nasal region and their pathogenetic role at inflammatory conditions

Ternytska Yu.V., Kyiv, Ukraine

12.00-12.10    Treatment of stenotic damages of cerebral artery intracranial segments using endovascular revascularization methods

Luhovskyi Yu.А., Moroz V.V., Skorokhoda H.О., Kyiv, Ukraine

12.10-12.20    Surgical results for arterial aneurysm of posterior ring of arterial circle of the cerebrum

Moroz V.V., Ukraine

12.20-12.30    Characteristic features of laryngeal cancer metastatic disease based on complex MDCT data

Lohanikhina К.Yu., Kyiv, Ukraine

12.30-12.40    Carotid stenosis: causes of divergence of results of USI and angiography                                     Nosenko N.М., Babkina Т.М., Kyiv, Ukraine

12.40-13.00    Speech discussion


13.00-14.00    Lunch


14.00-17.10    Thoracic radiology

Chairpersons: Babiy Ya.S., Shapovalova V.V.

14.00-14.30    Pathology of pulmonary airspace: idiopathic interstitial pneumonia

                        Pylypenko М.І., Kharkiv, Ukraine

14.30-15.00    X-ray diagnostic of opportunistic lung infections

Dykan І.М., Kyiv, Ukraine

15.00-15.30    Radiodiagnosis errors of inflammatory pseudotumors in adults

                        Babiy Ya.S., Sychova Т.V. Kyiv, Ukraine


15.30-15.40    Break


15.40-16.10    Interventional radiology in diagnosis and treatment of thoracopathy complicated with bleedings

Avdosyev Yu.V., Kharkiv, Ukraine

16.10-16.40    Radiodiagnosis of changes in lungs after operative oncotherapy

                        Spuzyak R., Shapovalova V.V., Kharkiv, Ukraine

16.40-16.50    US capabilities at closed injury of thoracic organs

Holovko Т.S., Kyiv,  Khalaturnyk І.B., ChernivtsiKucher А.R., Lviv, Ukraine

16.50-17.00    Significance of computer tomography pulmonary angiography in diagnosis chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension

Myahkov А.P., Rudyk N.V., Myahkov S.О., Sementsov О.S.,

Nakonechnyi S.Yu., Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine

17.00-17.10    Speech discussion


17.10-17.30    Closing of the Congress


LOUNGE No.2 (room of Academic Board)


9.30-13.00      Radiology in pediatrics

Chairpersons: Yalynska Т.А., Tarasyuk B.А.

9.30-9.50        Radiodiagnosis of anomaly and development diseases of esophagus and stomach in children

Voronzhev І.О., Kharkiv, Ukraine

9.50-10.10      Ultrasound scanning of less common diseases of hepatobiliary system in children

Tarasyuk B.А., Berezenko V.S., Kyiv, Ukraine

10.00-10.30    Lymphoma in children: radiodiagnosis methods

Plyatsek V.А., Yalynska Т.А., Kmetyuk Ya.V., Salman S.V. Kyiv, Ukraine

10.20-10.50    Ultrasonic diagnosis of medical emergencies in early neonatal periods

Medvedenko H.F., Lukyanova І.S., Kyiv, Ukraine

10.50-11.00    Speech discussion


11.00-11.30    Coffee-break


11.30-11.40    Radiodiagnosis of vascular anomaly in children

Morkovkina H.Ye., Yalynska Т.А., Tammo Raad, Rokytska N.V.,   Benzar І.М.,

Kyiv, Ukraine

11.40-11.50    Details of X-ray pattern of respiratory distress-syndrome in newborn children with low and extremely low birth weight

Sorochan О.P., Voronzhev І.О., Kramnyi І.О. Kharkiv, Ukraine

11.50-12.00    Vascular rings

Semenyuk V.P., Tammo Raad, Yalynska Т.А. Kyiv, Ukraine

12.00-12.10    Place of elastography in ultrasonic diagnosis of chronic hepatic diseases in children

Korobko V.F., Nikulina А.О., Dyba М.B., Kyiv, Ukraine

12.10-12.20    CТ-semiotics of invasive aspergillus infection in children

Platsek V.А., Salman S.V., Kachurovskyi О.P., Kyiv, Ukraine

12.20-12.30    Anesthesia service at  CT, MRI examinations in pediatrics

Prykhodko А.А., Plyatsek V.А., Kyiv, Ukraine

12.30-12.40    Ultrasonic prenatal diagnosis of foetal artrioventricular block.

Lozynska N.V., Lviv, Ukraine


13.00-14.00    Lunch


14.00-17.10    Urogenital radiology

Chairpersons: Rogozhyn V.О., Kozarenko Т.М.

14.00-14.30    Current state of MR diagnosis of prostate cancer patients

Rogozhyn V.О., Kyiv, Ukraine

14.30-15.00    Role of radiological methods in endometriosis diagnosis, advantages and disadvantages

Kozarenko Т.М., Kyiv, Ukraine

15.00-15.30    Radiodiagnosis of diffuse and mass atrabiliary capsules pathology

Babkina Т.М., Fedusenko О.А., Kyiv, Ukraine


15.30-15.40    Break


15.40-15.50  Doppler haemodynamics assessment of fetoplacental complex at induced ART pregnancy

Volyk N.К., Kyiv, Ukraine

15.50-16.00    Sonographic examination values after 22 gestation weeks for diagnosis of foetal pathology and perinatal result prediction

Safonova І.М., Kharkiv, Ukraine

16.00-16.10    Ultrasonic ablation high-tech alternative in treatment of metrofibroma

                        Kozarenko Т.М., Karacharova І.Yu., Kyiv, Ukraine

16.10-16.20    MRI capabilities in diagnosis of retrocervical endometriosis

Bolhova І.М., Kyiv, Ukraine

16.20-16.30    Elastography capabilities in diagnosis of prostate cancer

Korobko V.F., Kyiv, Ukraine

16.30-16.40    Renal blood flow condition in patients with carbohydrate metabolism disorder based on duplex ultrasound data

Kozarenko Т.М., Zhuravleva Yu.B., Kyiv, Ukraine

16.40-16.50    Renal blood flow condition in patients with preserved transplant function in late postoperative period based on ultrasound and Doppler examination data

Yakimenko V.V., Myahkov А.P., Zaporizhzhia

16.50-17.10    Speech discussion


LOUNGE No.3 (auditory No.3)


9.30-13.00      Cardioradiology

Chairpersons: Fedkiv S.V., Ivaniv Yu.А.

9.30-9.50        Ischemic heart disease diagnosis using CT and MRI methods

Fedkiv S.V., Kyiv, Ukraine

9.50-10.10      Cardiac pathology caused by radiation treatment

Ivaniv Yu.А., Lviv, Ukraine

10.10-10.30    MRI in assessment of reversibility of myocardial changes after myocardial infraction

Oryshchyn N.D., Palamarchuk Yu.О., Lviv, Ukraine

10.30-10.50    Echocardiographic examination at infective endocarditis

Nosenko N.М., Kyiv, Ukraine

10.50-11.00  Role of modern cardiovascular visualization methods in remodeling assessment of left ventricle at chronic forms of ischemic heart disease

Tanasichuk V.S., Fedkiv S.V., Tanasichuk-Hazhyeva N.V. Kyiv, Ukraine


11.00-11.30 Coffee-break


11.30-11.45  Diagnostic capabilities of cardio-MRI in detection of early complications of acute myocardial infraction

Fedkiv S.V., Shapovalov Т.М., Fedkiv V.А., Bachynskyi О.V. Kyiv, Ukraine

11.45-12.00    Differential diagnosis of cardiomyopathy using MRI

Palamarchuk Yu.О., Lviv, Ukraine

12.00-12.15    Options of coronary arteries anatomy based on MSCT data

Yevtukh V.P., Lviv, Ukraine

12.15-12.30    Radiological visualization methods in thrombembolia diagnosis of pulmonary artery in post myocardial infraction patients

Fedkiv V.А., Kyiv, Ukraine

12.30-12.40    MDCT: predictors of left cardiac ventricle remodeling at chronic forms of ischemic heart diseases

Tanasichuk V.S., Kyiv, Ukraine

12.40-12.50    Characteristic features of systolic and diastolic functions of left cardiac ventricle in patients with malignant lymphoma

Shevchuk L.А.,  Solodyannykova О.І., Holovko Т.S., Kyiv, Ukraine

12.50-13.00    Application of SPECT /CT technology in cardiological practice

V.Yu.Kundin, І.V.Noverko, А.H.Mazur, М.І.Andriyenko, Kyiv, Ukraine










Andrushchenko І.V., Hlazovska І.І., Kyiv, Ukraine

Condition of cerebral hemodynamics and radiological features of cervical spine in children with paroxysmal vegetative insufficiency

Pediatric radiology


Churylin R.Yu., Kharkiv,


Urgent radiological examination with foreign bodies at an early age

Pediatric radiology


Sharmazanova О.P., Kharkiv, Ukraine

Statistical data of ankle-joint trauma in children

Pediatric radiology


Honchar Т.О., Kyiv, Ukraine

Perinatal cerebral-vascular damage and their psychoneurological effect

Pediatric radiology


Kramnyi І.О., Kharkiv, Ukraine

Using radiological methods in children’s malignant renal tumor diagnosis

Pediatric radiology


Palchyk S.М., Kharkiv, Ukraine

Potential of radiological method in pulmonary changes diagnosis in children with dysplasia of connective tissue

Pediatric radiology


Polishchuk О.V., Kyiv, Ukraine

Modern CT diagnosis of chronic diffuse hepatic diseases in children

Pediatric radiology


Rebenkov S.О., Kyiv, Ukraine

Traumatic-induced changes of basal ganglion zone in children

Pediatric radiology


Synenka Ye.О., Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Potential of ultrasonic method diagnosis upon examination of hip joints in children under age 1

Pediatric radiology


Urina L. К., Urina М.О., Kyiv, Ukraine

Errors of ultrasound diagnosis of hip joint dysplasia

Pediatric radiology


Arsenidze T.O., Volkovska O.V., Oborina N.O., Kharkiv, Ukraine

The dynamics of development of hip joint in children at conservative treatment its dysplasia according to roentgenologic data

Pediatric radiology


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Statistical information about the heel-ankle joint injury in children



Pediatric radiology


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Ways to increase effectiveness of treatment of patients with initially inoperable breast cancer

Radiology in oncology


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Radiology in oncology


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Gunshot wound to the head and brain

Emergency radiology


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X-ray program accomplishment in reconstructive surgery in patients with combat injuries



Emergency radiology


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Significance of modern radiodiagnosis methods of myocardial infraction of right ventricle



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Significance of helical computed tomography in identification of bronchopulmonary dysplasia severity in newborn and young children

Radiology in pediatrics


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Complex radiodiagnosis and endoscopic diagnosis of bronchioloalveolar lung cancer

Thoracic radiology



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Scintigraphy upper gastrointestinal tract as alternative method of dyspepsia diagnosis

Medical physics and bioengineering


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Сlinical and radiologic manifestations in different variants of lungs pneumocystosis in patients with aids

Thoracic radiology