ESOR Multimodality Course in Split/Croatia, September 1-2, 2017

  • Лого организатора
  • Дата проведения: П'ятниця, 01 вересня 2017
The course is aimed at final-year residents, general radiologists and general practitioners who want to update their knowledge on new applications and optimised protocols in diagnostic imaging. The course offers the unique opportunity to evaluate some of the latest technological advances for state-of-the-art MRI and CT in day-to-day practice and to enhance professional knowledge of current imaging options for a number of clinical conditions. Established European top radiologists will lay the groundwork in didactic lectures for subsequent interactive case discussions in workshops.

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  • ESR members in training
    Early fee EUR 200
    Late fee EUR 250
  • Non-members in training
    Early fee EUR 300
    Late fee EUR 350
  • ESR members
    Early fee EUR 300
    Late fee EUR 350
  • Non-members
    Early fee EUR 400
    Late fee EUR 450
  • (Early fee until eight weeks prior to the course)
    (Late fee after eight weeks prior to the course)
  • to learn about current MRI and CT protocols in the field of GI, breast, brain, vascular and urinary tract pathologies
  • to understand the indications, limitations and comparative merits of each of the cross-sectional imaging modalities in a wide range of clinical conditions
  • to learn more about how to optimise imaging quality
  • to learn about the imaging features relevant for clinical decision making

B. Brkljačić, Zagreb/HR; C. Catalano, Rome/IT; L. Curvo Semedo, Coimbra/PT; F.J.A. Meijer, Nijmegen/NL; U. Mueller-Lisse, Munich/DE; M. Prokop, Nijmegen/NL; J. Puylaert, The Hague/NL; P. Taourel, Montpellier/FR; C. Triantopoulou, Athens/GR

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