INFORMATION MESSAGE On holding the 7th National Congress with international participation «Radiology in Ukraine», Kiev, March 27-29, 2019


On holding the 7th National Congress with international participation «Radiology in Ukraine»,

 Kiev, March 27-29, 2019

 The Congress will be held in the conference hall "Irpin" (Severinovskaya str., 118a, Irpen, Kiev region, Ukraine, 08200).

Dear colleagues!

We invite to take part in the work of the Congress of Roentgenologists, Ultrasound Diagnostics Doctors, specialists in Nuclear Medicine and Radiological Oncology, medical physicists, radiographers, interns and doctors of other specialties. The Congress will be held in the form of plenary and breakout sessions, satellite symposiums (lectures, oral and poster presentations), round tables. Working languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Electronic registration of participants of the Congress will be held:

- From December 15, 2018 to March 1, 2019 on the site

                              early registration - before 01 February;

                              late registration - from 02 February to 1 March.

Attention! On March 2, electronic registration on the site will be closed!

- March 26-29 in the foyer near the conference halls.

Registration fees:


Early Registration

Late Registration

Registration at a forum

Register for one day

The members of the ARU

 500.0 UAH

 700.0 UAH

 900.0 UAH

  400.0 UAH


 800.0 UAH

 1000.0 UAH

 1200.0 UAH

  600.0 UAH


  300.0 UAH

   400.0 UAH

 600.0 UAH

  300.0 UAH

Speakers from the payment of the registration fee are exempted.


Registration fee as the "charitable contribution ... (first and second name) for the implementation of the ARU of statutory tasks" should be transferred to the account of the Association of Radiologists of Ukraine:

Acc. No. 26003056233489 in PJSC KB "PRIVATBANK" MFO 380269

the recipient of the NGO "Association of Radiologists of Ukraine" (EDRPOU code 20059892)


We draw your attention that the registration date is the date of receipt by the organizing committee of your registration fee!


In the first time, instead of a traditional friendly dinner, on March 27 at 7.00 p.m., an intellectual radiological game "What? Where? When? ", which will be accompanied by a buffet. The fee for participation in the buffet is 350.0 UAH. The number of participants in the buffet is limited, so please register in advance to participate in it.



Please send your questions about participation in the Congress to address:

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Telephone for information: (044) 388-42-73
Organizing Committee of Congress